Our Facility

Spacious Ballpark

Oso Pony Baseball has five different baseball fields that accommodate athletes ranging from 3 years old to 14 years old.

Covered Seating

You know as well as we do, it gets HOT in South Texas.  This is why we have coverings over our bleachers to help protect our patrons from the elements.  A light drizzle or sun rays, either way let’s “Play Ball!”

Concession Stand

“Hot Dogs!  Get your Hot Dogs!”  We offer a large menu of concessions for you to enjoy.  Nachos, Snow Cones, Pickles, etc. all at a reasonable price!

Stadium Lighting

Kids love playing at night under the spotlights, just like the big leaguers get to on TV.  Enjoy watching your young athletes under the lights.

Batting Cages

Utilize one of our batting cages to get some work in with your team before the big game. 

Maintained Fields

We do our due diligence in ensuring your athletes have a safe and acceptable surface to play on.  We routinely maintain all grass and dirt surfaces across all our fields.