Pinto 8U Player Registration

Player's Information


Parent / Guardian Information

I/We, the parents of the above candidate for a position on an OSO PONY BASEBALL team, hereby give my/our approval for his/her participation in any and all PONY Baseball activities during the current season. My/our child has had a physical exam in the last year and his/her doctor has approved him/her for participation in this program. Any health or medical problems concerning my child have been attached in written form to this application. In the event of illness or injury, I/we will provide the league with a doctor's excuse prior to allowing the child to play. I/we assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation including transportation to and from the activities. I/we, do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnity and agree to hold harmless the PONY BASEBALL LEAGUE INC., the organizers sponsors, supervisors, managers and all participants and persons transporting my/our child to or from such activities, for any claim arising out of an injury to my/our child except to the extent and in the amount covered by accident or liability insurance, if any. I/We agree to return upon request any equipment issued to our child in as good a condition as when received except during normal usage. I/We have furnished a certified birth certificate of the above named candidate to league officials. I/We have confirmed with the BOUNDARY MAP that the player lives within OSO's boundaries. I/We understand that if the player lives outside of the OSO PONY BASEBALL boundaries that he/she is not eligible for tournament or All Star participation. I/We agree not to interfere with the managing or officiating or my child's play during ball games or practice sessions. Any criticisms that I/We may have will be taken up with OSO PONY BASEBALL officials after the game. I/We understand we are responsible for all fundraising activities and will accept such responsibility in raising funds.

Payment Information