Coach Registration

As a Manager (coach) or Assistant Manager of an Oso Pony Baseball team, I will accept the following responsibilities & duties and ensure that they're accomplished in a manner acceptable to the Board of Directors:

1. Scheduled team fieldwork (usually on Saturday mornings) & special field work or workdays as requested by VP Grounds
2. Scheduled Director in Charge assignment
3. Fund Raising Projects
4. Take care of issued equipment & return promptly at season’s end
5. Know & abide by all Oso Pony Baseball rules and regulations

I understand that the manager of each team is subject to appointment by the Board of Directors for one season & must re-apply yearly & is not automatically reappointed to his/her previous team.

I understand any manager may be removed when such manager fails to meet his/her accepted duties and responsibilities in a manner acceptable to the Board of Directors.